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Jamaly Store

Who’s Jamaly Store?

Under the motto “Love yourself more,” Jamaly business embodies much more than just a straightforward online cosmetics business. This objective goes beyond only making sales; it also attempts to uplift people’s perceptions of themselves. Every item in the Jamaly Store has been carefully chosen to promote self-assurance and personal growth. It’s a journey towards self-acceptance and the celebration of one’s own beauty, much more than just a shopping experience.

What did we do?

We used the Yozi premium theme to develop Jamaly Store and combined it with plugins to enable WooCommerce.

Main Functionnalities:

  • eCommerce modules for internet-based purchasing.
  • Provides a straight checkout option for seamless and rapid transactions.
  • Create a unique checkout page to improve user experience and address particular demands in Algeria.
  • Affiliate Module for partnership.
  • Multilingual support in French, And Arabic.
Love yourself more
ClientJamaly StoreDateDecember, 2021Share

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